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Based between Portugal and Germany, I specialize in content creation, regarding mainly Menswear, Lifestyle and a lot of “Demonstration of Personalized Style“. I also freelance as a fashion model, and I’m starting to market my own creations in collabs with established brands. This is my passion, this is my world. Thank you to take an interest in it.
Here you’ll be able to see some of my portfolio and read some articles about all of this different interests. Oh, and somehow I find the time to
run the @DP_STYLE instagram page 🙂 Don´t forget to check it out!

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T-shirt Limited Collection, 5 sizes, 9 colors and all lot of style

DPSTYLE for Adicta

GRAMS28 best Travel wallet?

Is this the best wallet from GRAMS28? I don’t know, but i can tell you more about this amazing piece in this blogpost. Check it out.

Skincare Routine with Notino

Importance of the skincare routine for the colder days, with the Help of Notino. Also what i use in my daily routine to take care of my skin.

Skincare Simplicity with APRICUS Skincare

Essentials for any men, in a very simple way and high quality value. That is what APRICUS Skincare is offering you. Wanna know my veredict? Check it out.

Summer Essentials with NOTINO

The summer season is there, and it is time for fun and tan skin. But, don’t mess your skin up, Notino has the best summer selection of products for you guys!

How to improve your Background game!

Guys, a bad background can ruin a Photo, so today I will give you some tips and tricks on how to improve the background on your shots!

The finest Silver Handmade Jewerly by Daniel Mason

How good is Daniel Mason’s Jewelry? Let’s see the pieces I got from them and talk a bit about the brand!

Steel & Jelly Classic outfit

Uk-based brand, Steel and Jelly is a classy brand, that never dismisses eye-catching designs!

Mariano Shoes – Your Work of Art

Sapatos clássicos são uma obra de arte, e a Mariano Shoes não dispensa uma qualidade de topo e um conforto inegável na sua linha de calçado!

Natural Presence with Suits Inc.

Simplicity, versatility, and elegance: Words to describe Suits inc, and fundamental words for a Natural Presence on a man. Check out my last fits for Suits inc!


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