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Hello People. As you well know, i am new at this. I´m trying to learn, how to do it, the best way of doing it and all of that, so i just hope you enjoy it, and you can always say what you think, to make me improve.

Cold days are back and, with them, the best of fashion. Today i will give you some ideas, to help you, how to dress in the winter. Winter is different from country to country, her in Germany is very cold, but for exemple Portugal is not so cold.


Sometimes you can go out, like this, with only a warm jacket and a t-shirt, but more often, you have to dress something more warmer. This is one good ideia for Portugal, simple, casual, and very useful in case you have a party or something, because you take only the jacket, and you´re ready. Savage, casual or even classic, is a matter of taste, and vision, to chose, what pass better to you.




Now, when i speak about Germany, the concept change, because you need more than that. A simple jacket, as much warm that it is, will not be able to keep you warm in night time.

For me better, because i can create more outfits, change more items, and have a lot more of combinations. skinny beije mantel

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So as i always said, be creative, adapt your style to your region, but never forget, Fashion is universal, you don´t need to dress like everyone, you need to be yourself!

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