Warm Casual Monday



Hello world.

Monday is there, the beginning of a tuff week, christmas week, and it starts with sun, here in Germany. I would prefer snow, for the christmas spirit, but is ok like this !

Outfit for today was this, Taking advantage of the good weather, and warm weather, i was able to use this.


Starting with a basic grey t-shirt, flannel shirt unbuttoned and a bomber jacket on top. Skinny jeans and sneakers on the bottom part.

Like i said, only with a warmer weather i can use this in winter here, it´s a casual look, good for a lot of occasions, but mostly on summer or spring, when you have more temperature. Even tho, today was a good day and i used it, felt comfortable, simple, and fashionable.


Sunglasses for the sun, iPad to read the news while i take some coffee, nice watch and rings like usual, and i was ready to go out!

Hope you guys enjoyed it, and i will came back Wednesday for the last post after x-mas !

H&M – Bomber jacket / Zara – Flannel Shirt / H&M – Grey T-shirt / Zara – Jeans / Nike – Air Force One / Asos – iPad Case / Ray-ban – Sunglasses


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