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Today i want to speak a bit of Street Fashion. Every day we see more and more fashion in the streets, and as a fashion lover, i love that fact. Now Street Style is something that amazed me particularly. Why? Because i can be creative, there is only one limit, don’t be ridiculous.

Every single time i chose my outfit, i see more and more possibilities to different looks. As i use to say, be yourself, so that means that your outfit must be chosen by you. Now of course everybody have some inspirations, in Fashion Bloggers or particular persons, but in the end of the day, you are the one who have to dress like you want. Dress to kill, to look comfortable, confident, simple or not, those are choices that, every single one of us must make.


I would be inspired for a lot of details, and i believe those details, made your outfit more personal. One detail that i love, and have been changing a lot of the street style, is the shoes.

Shoes can transform completely your outfit, can make you different, peculiar… and a lot of styles that we use to see as a classic style, because of a fashionable sneakers, we see it now as a piece of street art.

The rest, being destroyed jeans, eccentric accessories, rebel tattoos or even classic clothes, is a reflection of your personality, of your taste, of your large or smaller vision as an artist.


Street fashion is an art, and everyone bald enough to be different, is an artist.

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