Rocking winter



Hello fashion world.

Another cold day, so the better way is, dressing yourself for the real winter, and rock with it.

Today´s choice was this, warm outfit, cosy but also comfortable. The top with a long zipped t-shirt, one sweatshirt, beige overcoat and one camouflage kimono. Bottom with black jeans and Green Platforms.


The idea of the shoes come to give more contrast but also, to match more the camouflage kimono, once that it´s all black and beige overcoat. Very warm, million ways of using it, as a scarf, like the foto or even with the other side, that is all black.


Of course you can use the outfit without the kimono, and you will look great, but here the cold is very scary. The rest of the outfit, as you can see, is simple, street style, with some mix but nothing so extravagant.

Hope You liked it, and that inspires you. Keep creative, keep fashionable!!

Zara – Kimono / Asos – Overcoat / H&M – Sweatshirt / Against the Grain Clothing UK – T-shirt / Zara – Jeans / Filipe Sousa – Shoes


DP_danielpinheiro Streetfashion 


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