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Hi people. Hope you guys are ok, it´s Friday, let´s enjoy the weekend, and have some fun !

Today i bring you a couple of fotos, that i made for one Store in Portugal, MODUS Clothing and Home. The stores are located in Braga, Barcelos and Freixo, in Portugal, and is only the start, later will grow much more.


Beautiful clothes, good quality and good price,  is just one reason to visit this stores. For who want to follow them, here is the link: ´´ ´´.

So this are some fotos of the shooting that i made, being some of them in movement in one store, and the others in one wall. Is nothing professional and the reason is, he is one of my best friends, and he is starting now, so i wanted to help him, with the fotos, and i still help a bit with promotion. Even tho, you can see good clothes, good quality, good environment and i promise you, when you visit the store, you will like the attention !

I leave here some fotos, hope you enjoy and, some kind of way, inspires you.

73-50117 11673-182 1-2113 114 115112 11173-61

DP_danielpinheiro Streetfashion

DP_danielpinheiro Streetfashion

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