Million Dollar Jacket



Hello World.

Today´s post its about one piece, that is very trendy and very fashionable in everyone´s outfit. The Overcoat.

For me one of the must have pieces, mainly in winter of course, the overcoat provides us, a million choices for one outfit. Classic, Swag, mixed, sporty, casual they all can be used with this jacket.

In this case the classic, gives you that Italian Streetsyle, result in an incredible way´s of combining classic clothes.

Casual, you can also use in every other casual look that you like, it will be a perfect choice.

More swag, not a problem, it fits perfectly in a swag outfit, giving a bit of that casual/classic touch, witch combining with the rest well, for me, results in the best´s styles.

So this is my opinion about this piece, absolutely a ´´must have´´in your Closet. Hope You like, you can share and comment if you want, i will be great full for that.

Keep Creative, Keep Fashionable!!

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