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Hello word.

Sunny day outside, a lot of things to do so, i went for a morning walk… and this was the chosen look.

Lot of beige color, like autumn, smooth sweatshirt and extravagant shoes, is the resume of my outfit. That was my feeling for today !


So starting with a beige overcoat, one of the best items to have in winter, very fashionable, with a lot of different styles, warm and classy but, when you want, also urban.

Under it, one sweatshirt, smooth and warm. Skinny jeans, and platform shoes.

Overall is very comfortable, have a good harmony, due to the beige tons and black as well, and a good outfit to take out to a date, night out or, even to go just walk.


Lot of people asked me, if this kind of shoes are comfortable, because they don´t look like it. But they are. very comfortable, you can walk a bunch of hours with them, without any trouble or discomfort.

Hope you like, and that can inspire you, in some kind of way !

Asks – Beige overcoat / Religion Clothing UK – Sweatshirt / Zara – skinny Jeans / Filipe Sousa – Shoes / Stührling Original – Watch / Ray-ban – Sunglasses



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