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Friday mood, lot of sun on the streets, weekend nocking on the door… It´s time to Swag. That was the outfit that i choose. Comfortable, swaggy and peculiar, like almost always.

Spending the day, driving around, seeing things and meeting friends and people, is very special but also very complicated. Having time for everything, and patience to drive that much. So the outfit, was to be light and comfortable, but of course, night time is colder, so better always have a jacket in case.


Starting with the grey sweatshirt, it´s very nice, comfortable, long, and provides you a very interesting look, and i combined it with a black skinny jeans. In Jeans, i think everyone have his own opinion, i love skinny, the look that give my, how i see them in me and etc, but a lot of people might prefer slim fit, or even regular. So for my taste, it passes perfectly.  Leather shoes, i absolutely love these, matching color with the Biker Jacket.


Jacket more for the night, for the cold, give you that rebel swag touch, matching with destroyed jeans and long sweatshirt, look amazing. Handbag, nowadays is fundamental, i wear the leather brown one, because of the comfort that provides me and also a bit of a gentleman´s touch.

Hope you like it, you can always comment and give your opinion. Good Friday to everyone.

Zara – Leather Jacket / Religion Clothing UK – Long Sweatshirt / Zara – Skinny Jeans / Filling Pieces – Leather Shoes / H&M – Leather Handbag / Ray-ban – Clubmaster Sunglasses


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