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Hello Fashion People. Today i wake up with a beautiful sun outside, shining the streets, and for me that means, time to get up, get dressed und go outside.

This sun here, doesn’t mean hot day. Is very pleasant to have the sun shining, catching some sun in the face and all, but the days are still cold. So i dressed this outfit for today.


Swagger in the streets, with…. Coffee 🙂 Yes that is some coffee, that i made at home, but i decided to drink it on the streets, while i catch this sun.

So the outfit: Long shirt with a sweatshirt on top, jacket just in case, because in the sun you don´t need so much but, when you enter the streets without sunlight, you need. Destroyed jeans and the extravagant LV8 on the Feet. Overall is a comfortable outfit, extravagant yes, but still simple, and elegant, at lest for me.


Of course sunglasses are indispensable in these days, and the usual rings as well.

As always, there is a lot of details here, with the sneakers, the cup of coffee or even the different sunglasses, but you are starting to know me… Be different for me is, being myself.

Hope you like it, and wish you all a good Friday.

H&M – Bomber Jacket / Religion Clothing UK – Sweatshirt / Review – Long T-shirt / Zara – Destroyed Jeans / Nike – Air Force One LV8 / Starbucks – Cup for coffee / Wood Fellas – Sunglasses



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