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Hi everyone. Monday is there, and with it rain, cold and laziness. In Germany is a strange whether, cold as usual in winter time, a good day to start the week very slowly.

Casual look, but warm because, night time is not a joke, is the best way to start. I choose for today, a combination of a long t-shirt, with a sweatshirt on top, a sort of a jogging pants, very comfortable, and combining perfectly with the top part.


Jacket, i dress the Biker red, because i love this color for winter, and i love the savageness of this jacket. Shoes matching with the jacket, and as you already know, i love this ones too.

I just needed some papers, so instead of the normal bags, that i usually have, i choose this small one, fashionable, small and very practical.

I hope you like, and that inspire some of you too this week !

Zara – Leather Jacket / Zara -Sweatshirt / Review – Long T-shirt / Zara – Pants / Filling Pieces – Leather Shoes



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