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Hello World!

Another week is over, hopefully we all will have a very nice weekend. And for that, i leave you guys here, my tip for a night out, casual date or just enjoy the streets, with fashion in a comfortable way.

This outfit have a basic T-shirt with a pullover on top and a beige overcoat. Bottom with skinny destroyed jeans and sneakers.


In this particular outfit, i have one of the pieces that i liked more, on H&M x Balmain collection. I liked more items, but i was not in the stores for that. so this was the piece that i enjoyed, and i though that worth the value in eBay, because the others are in a very overload price, and for me, just don´t worth it.

Why i say this?? well, i´m that guy, who believe that clothes don´t make us! WE make the Clothes… No brand is something if nobody buy it. Because they live of our money and preference. That´s why i didn’t went to H&M for this collection and everything because, as much fashionable that it is, and beautiful, are only clothes. And nowadays, you see a lot people, in instagram and all, with cheap clothes, rocking the streets. why? Simple! Taste, creativity and variety.


So with this being say, and remember, i did not said that, the clothes are not better quality and all, because a lot of this expensive clothes are very good, but is that worth hours waiting for buying one piece, in the middle of the mess? For me, No. I make the clothes look good, not the opposite.


Now, i bought that in internet, yes, i like the collection? i loved it. Was a success and very fashionable, but i just gave my opinion about, going to the stores in those ´´promotions´´because of a designer.

The outfit is very comfortable, pass perfect to a night out or to a date. Hope you guys enjoy, and let me know what you think about it.

Keep Fashion in the Streets !!

Asos – Overcoat / H&M x Balmain – Pullover / Review – T-shirt / Zara – Jeans / Filling Pieces – Sneakers / Ray-ban – Sunglasses



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