Look: raining on the streets


Hello people. Cold and rain today, I even have to carry an umbrella too.
Casual look, long shirt with a sweatshirt on top, long jacket, because is very cold, combined with destroyed jeans and sneakers.
That’s how I’ve gone to the streets today. Here start to rain and the cold weather very hard, and sometimes, is ok in the day, but night time, you really need something warm. I choose the black with the gold sweatshirt, giving some color, and the sneakers to contrast with the rest. Umbrella because I need, not because I like to have it, but nowadays even an umbrella, can be fashionable.
Hope you like, was very simple, but fashionable and very comfortable!

Zara – Long black jacket / religion clothing UK – sweatshirt / Zara – destroyed jeans / nike – air force one


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