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Hello everyone. Here is another idea, for a swagger look. Jewelry is very important for me in my outfits. I like simple Outfits too, but as i already said, details made you unique. Big rings, stylish watches, hats, sunglasses, are a few of my lovely pieces. Always change your outfit, giving some kind of shine into it.

Long shirts, i personally love them, flannel, red in this case, give´s you a unique touch, a more savage and stylish outfit. In this case i use it with a black Bomperjacket,  destroyed jeans, air force and a hat.


Here i could have used a black hat, or a cap, but these one, give a bit of contrast, going a bit out of the main colors in the outfit. Red is one of my favorite colors, and using it with black give it a sageness but also a simple aspect in the outfit. In the case of this one, the hat can change my hole outfit, if i put a cap on, or even if i don’t use any. This is a very comforting outfit, perfect to day-by-day, sneakers or modern shoes, that´s a choice by the idea, this day i used it with air force one, but i also use it with my shoes with platform… Depends on the mood.

Let me know if you like it, what´s your thoughts about it.

H&M – Black Bomperjacket / Asos – Beije Hat / Asos – Red long Shirt / Zara – destroyed Jeans / Nike – Red Air Force One / Asos – Sunglasses / David Jones – Leather Handbag / Konov – Jewelery


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