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Hello World.

Monday, sun shining, tired as well of the weekend… so i went to the lazy monday mood.

Swag of course, very casual and comfortable, is the way i describe this outfit. As i already said, i have very different moods everyday when it comes to Fashion, one day swag, other classic, other normal casual. For me is a blessing, because i think fashion need to change constantly, your image should not be only one, your style should not be boring.


So this how i think, and how i do it. Change, keep creating, keep fashion forward.

About today´s outfit, was everything chosen in the moment, i just went to take some coffee in the city, and i wanted to have something comfortable to walk in the sun, like a casual look. But you know me, anything is normal with me !


Long T-shirt, basic and monotonic as almost all outfit, flannel shirt and bomber jacket made my top. Bottom with destroyed skinny jeans and leather vans, monotonic too. Backpack and the usual rings, is already a part of my outfit´s.

That was my choice for today, to start the week, hope you like it and, some kind of way, inspire you too push forward. Remember, change is a scary thing, but 90% of the times, push you forward, to a better men, to a better person and, also, to a better and more unique style.

Wish you all a very good week, and i will come back Wednesday!

H&M – Bomber Jacket / Zara – Flannel Shirt / Review – Long T-shirt / Zara – Skinny Jeans / Vans – Leather Sneakers / Esprit – leather Backpack



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