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First of all, i am sorry for not posting every day, but i was in vacations, running, trying to do everything that i can. Today is the day that i flight back, to Germany.

I am wearing swag outfit, very casual and comfortable. Every time i fight, i have to be very casual and comfortable because, as a lot of you know, we sweat a lot bringing the luggage in the airport, walking a lot and everything. In Portugal is hot, cold in the night, but the weather in the day, is very warm, so i choose only a t-shirt to dress.


As you already might know, i am complexed in a lot of my outfits, so i had to improve a bit, to change the regular look of a t-shirt with jeans destroyed, and in the same time, give some color and life to the look. With this being said, i had a flannel shirt on the waist, also in case of the weather get colder, i had something to use and be more warm. I also use a hat, to give my own touch to the look.


Thing about an outfit like this is, and makes me love it even more, the fact that i have a arm full of tattoos, and that give you one savage and rebel look, in the same time, that gives you a beautiful outfit. Sneakers of course, because of the comfort you need to flight and to walk so much.

This fotos i took in Ponte de Lima, the village that i lived for almost 23 years, and always i have to go there, and visit this amazing place. Hope You like it !!

Religion Clothing UK – Balck T-shirt / Zara – Flannel Shirt / Zara – Skinny Jeans / Nike – White Air Force One / Ray-ban – Clubmaster Sunglasses


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