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Hello people.

Monday again, the first day of the week, to rock the streets with, new styles, new outfits, combinations and so.

For me, was this here, the chosen one!


Rocking Dark red on the leather Jacket and the Leather Shoes, matching so good, but also giving more to the outfit, with the striped pullover von Balmain.

Comfortable, bit eccentric, casual and unique. Describing it, i will say that´s a perfect outfit to walk around, fashionable, even to go out at night, or shopping, meeting friends. That´s the good thing about today´s street fashion, in Evolved Country´s like Germany, it is art. So you can go to a lot of places and,even night time, to clubs, that people will not say anything about the clothes.


Now, as i always say, you style is your reflection, is your personality, in the shape of an outfit. Limits are inside you, and rules, well, that is up to you.

My vision is very large, lot of different outfits, different styles, and i believe that is a good point to have. One style, make your fashion predictable, ´´boring´´in my opinion. So keep pushing yourself, keep pushing fashion, and keep loyal to your taste and opinion.

Hope You like, any questions or suggestions, comment or email me.  Thank you all.

Zara – leather Jacket / H&MxBalmain – Pullover / Zara – skinny Jeans / Filling Pieces – Shoes / Stührling – Watch / Konov – Rings / Jean Paul Gautier – Sunglasses / Esprit – Backpack



DP_danielpinheiro Streetfashion 

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