Look : Cold days, Warm Outfit



Hello world.

Cold days, unfortunately without snow yet, outfits get more and more warm, more and more clothes but, we love that !!

For today´s look, i chose this, cosy, comfortable, warm enough for the cold. Sweatshirt inside, overcoat and scarf, bottom with jeans and Sneakers.


Simple casual, maybe the shoes are the most extravagance in there, but works pretty good, feels very nice, smooth and practical, thinking when you go into a cafe here, and you must strip half of your clothes, because is very warm inside, i just need to take the overcoat out !


This was the outfit of today, hope you like it, if you have some questions or suggestions, just let me know, in one of my social media pages !

Enjoy the day, keep fashionable!

Asks – Overcoat / Zara – Sweatshirt / Zara – Jeans / Filling Pieces – Sneakers / Review – Scarf / Diesel – Watch / Esprit – Backpack


DP_danielpinheiro Streetfashion 


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