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Hello world.

Cold day outside, normal because December is very cold here, without rain, witch is a good factor, perfect to go out on a walk, have some good time in the city, meet friends and chill. And i chose this outfit for that.

Comfortable, casual and ready for cold!


I dressed one t-shirt with a black overcoat on top, and in the bottom, destroyed skinny jeans and sneakers.

Handbag as an accessory, scarf and beanie.

Very casual, the beanie and the scarf made a difference in the overall outfit, providing a bit of color, and breaking the monotony. Handbag with my gym stuff, and also regular things that, we men also need in regular basis.


Hope you enjoyed it, let me know what you think.

Keep Fashion in the streets, stay fashionable and always, be yourself!!

Zara – Overcoat / Against the Grain Clothing UK – Skully T-shirt / Review – Scarf / Zara – Skinny jeans / Vans – Leather Sneakers / H&M – leather Handbag / Konov – Rings / Caylor & Sons – Beanie


DP_danielpinheiro Streetfashion 



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