Look: camouflage in the mix



Hello World. Hope you guys are ok and having a very good week.

Today i tried something new, putting a different and very recognizable pattern, in the mix of my outfit. And it was camouflage.

The result was good, pass very good together, especially if you put some shoes to match, like i did with my green platforms.


The Rest, was a pair of destroyed jeans, a basic t-shirt on top and a beige overcoat on top of all.

Touch of classy, touch of swaggy and urban, very comfortable and fashionable.


As you see, good mix, colors matching, not that is too important to match colors anymore, not in street fashion, but i liked very much of this, for autumn, even for winter, you just have to add some scarf or something and is good to go!

Hope you enjoy, rest of a great week, and i will be here again Friday.

Asks – Overcoat / Reclaimed Vintage – Camouflage jacket / Review – T-shirt / Zara – skinny jeans / Filipe Sousa – Green platforms



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