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Hello Fashionable people.

Today i woke up with this feeling, black and camo… Raining, difficult day to walk around, i always get lazy with this days, even i got out, to buy some things, and make the fotos for today´s look.


Casual and swag, the outfit is perfect to conformable walks, and just walk around. I just looked to this jacket today, and i realize that i miss it. i wanted to take it out, and make a look with it.

Well this was the result, all black and camouflage. So the top is with one black hoody and the camo jacket, skinny jeans and sneakers. Backpack and cap as assessors.


I find the result very Fashionable, i love the combination between black and camouflage, because the pattern give you a bit more of savageness, bad boy look, but in the same time, is one ´´clean´´casual, not so extravagant, and it passes good in a lot of occasions.

Hope you liked it, and keep Fashion on the streets. Remember, we make fashion grow!!

Reclaimed Vintage – Camouflage Jacket / Zara – black Hoody / Zara – Skinny Jeans / Nike – Air Force One / High Swag – Camouflage Cap / Diesel – watch


DP_danielpinheiro Streetfashion 


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