Look: Black to the White


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Today´s look is monotonic, black with white. One thing that i love about this outfits, is the contrast that they create, a simple contrast, but makes a lot of diference… Overcoat is one of the ´´must have´´ pieces for winter in Germany. Right now is not so much cold, so you can use it with only a t-shirt, simple or with stamps, that is your choice. I like some stamps in a monotonic outfit, create a bit of art, gives you a better look, and a much better result, of course if you chose good the Stamps. This one, worked lovely, giving me a clean look but, in the same time, some savageness.

Jeans, destroyed and black. A lot of people ask me, why i use so much black jeans. Answer is simple for me, i like more then the normal jeans. Give me more options and, in my vision, is simply better in a lot of them. Sneakers white, simple ones, giving a bit of contrast in my feet. One thing that i do often, contrast my shoes, with the rest. Why?  I don´t like a black jeans with a black shoes, must have some contrast, some different attention.

Zara – Overcoat Black / Against the Grain Clothing UK – Skully T-shirt / Zara – black destroyed Jeans / Nike – white Air Force One / David Jones – Leather Handbag



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