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Hello World.

Today´s post its about details. I will talk a bit about details, the importance that they have in our daily outfit, and how can they change completely a look.

Let me put it like this: a lot of people look at details, being bracelets and rings for exemple, as something not important, because if you see it from far, or don´t pay a lot of attention, they will not see any of that. People like me, we don´t care if you see our rings or not, if you notice that we combine certain details or not. We use them because it´s our perspective, our identity, and that make our style unique.

Like i say, from the begging, fashion should be seen as creation, we create an outfit, we create trends sometimes, we create our own view in the fashion industry. So details help you to do it.

One Exemple, if you see two guys dressed alike, but one have a nice ring, watch and the gloves on the pocket, and the other, nothing of that. Witch one you will like more?

I will go to the detailed one, because its unique. Put a jacket on, everybody does, put some gloves on even sunglasses in the pocket, not a lot of people do.

Shoes is another way of changing a look, as a detail. I already express my passion for shoes a couple of times, and for me it´s one of the most important details of all.

In your feet, in my idea, you have 50 % of your style. For exemple, if you have a dirty shoes, in my opinion, you will look bad, even if you have some casual in you, it will not look clean, will look like you don’t care.

Men´s accessoires it´s still on aspect emerging, and i hope that it grows, and more men start to use them as a natural item in their outfits.

So hope you liked, this is only my view about this subject, don´t mean that i am right or wrong.

Keep creative, keep Fashionable!!

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