How to Swag Green !


Hello there !

Nowadays, more than ever, swag is there, and with it, a lot of different ways of dressing it. Destroyed clothes are one way, black is savage but super dope, and some colors to the mix are, for me, indispensable.


Todays look was this, Destroyed jacket with, one pullover under and a basic t-shirt. Bottom with destroyed jeans and sneakers. Sporty and swaggy, one touch of green in the shoes matching with the hat.


Color giving some life to the outfit, details on point like always, and i was ready for the day.

Jeans jacket is trendy right know, of course i could have one regular, but i love a destroyed one. I think it´s more interesting, and to styles like this is, definitely, perfect.  Color on the shoes, well i chose green because, the hat have green and also the watch have some green, so i look into those details to chose the color. White will pass perfect to, and other colors too, but in this case, i think green was the perfect choice.

Hope you guys enjoyed it, feel free to comment and let me know what you think.

Keep Creative ! Keep Fashionable !

Levi´s – vintage jacket / Religion Clothing UK – Pullover / LFDY – Cap / Zara – jeans / Nike – Air Force one / Daniel Wellington – Watch


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