How to swag classic pants !


Hello there world.

Today i bring you a mix between classic pants, and swagger clothes. This is how to do it:

Long black shirt, long sweatshirt and long jacket on top, classic pants on the bottom with some classic/urban shoes.


Classic pants are no longer only to use with a suit, more and more often we start to see combos with classic and casual or swag. Usually we see only in the top part, mixing a blazer with destroyed jeans, for example. But we can also use the reserve.

In this case, i didn’t used to much colors, combining the classic pants with the jacket, that is a middle term for classic and casual, and shoes, that also can be interpreted by different ideas of classic or casual.


Than i just went to the swag part, dressing some long and sporty looking tops. I liked the way that it looks, providing you with a different concept and letting people chose, what king of style you have.

That’s it for today, i will return Friday. Until then,

Keep Creative ! Keep Fashionable !

Zara – Long Jacket / Religion Clothing UK – Sweatshirt / H&M – Long Shirt / Zara – Pants / Eureka Shoes – Shoes


dp_danielpinheiro Style !

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