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Hello there.

Friday is there, and what´s popping Friday´s ? Night out, date, social events and so. Today’s outfit, it’s a beautiful choice for a Casual Chic day, or night. This is how you do it:


Starting with a basic shirt, stripes pullover and a black long Coat, matching with destroyed jeans and Classic/Modern Shoes.

I personally loved the way that it fits, looking fine and chic for a good Evening. The Shoes are the Key item, giving some difference to the outfit, putting the balance right between classic and casual. Destroyed jeans for more casual, but if you want it more classic, just switch for a regular ones or even classic pants.


All black and white, monochrome yes, but it’s beautiful. Black is a color of elegance, class, but in the same time, of rebels, badass. And for me it’s a very interesting mix, when you can put the two different aspects together, and create an outfit that fits, not only a classy social event but, also a night out with some friends or so.


Hope you enjoyed it, i will come back soon ! Have a nice weekend !

Keep Creative ! Keep Fashionable !

Asos – Overcoat / Balmain – Pullover / Zara – Jeans / Dior – Derby Shoes / Inateck – Mac Case


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