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Fashion for me is a transparency of your personality, the way you dress, have something to do with the way you are as a person. I look at myself as a creative person, who never try to be just like somebody else, never want to have just one style, don’t want to use sneakers just because is a swag outfit. My style is a combination of a lot of different categories, that i love to mix and put them all working together.

This outfit is an exemple, of how you can use swag outfit, with the classy touch in the shoes. This type of shoes for me are just perfect. They give you a lot of possible combinations, putting a swag outfit more elegant, or a classic outfit more casual.

I love black and grey combinations, but everytime I feel the need of some contrast,  something to pop up.  In this outfit are the shoes. Everything is dark and monotonous,  so u gave some contrast with the vivid green from the shoes. I love the result!

River Island – Leather Jacket / Zara – Green Sweatshirt / Review – Long grey T-shirt / Zara – Black destroyed jeans / Filipe Sousa – Green Shoes / David Jones – Leather Handbag



DP_danielpinheiro Streetfashion

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