Diversity of Styling


Hello World.

Currently i am sick, so i couldn´t bring you a new content. Hopefully i will be ok Friday, and them i will continue to bring you my looks.

Today´s post its about diversity. A lot of you might already notice that, i am a huge fan of diversity, breaking the monotony, play with different clothes, come up with some peculiar ideas.


I don´t have nothing against people, who dress all times the same style, like always casual, or classic. If that fits you, just go for it. But that just don´t fits me. I need changing, upgrading, keep creating. That´s my vision about things. This way of putting a shirt with some jeans and shoes, everyday the same, just change colors or patterns, don´t motivate me.


Everybody that follow me, on my social medias and so, already saw that i can be a total classic men, i can be a total savage and swagger, and i can be a normal casual guy. What i can´t be, is a predictive guy, that guy that you know, tomorrow will use this style, or that. I don´t even know what i will dress tomorrow, and that´s the fun of it. Creativity, Improvising and pure taste, Bad or Good, well you decide that.

Classic Thursday


That is my way of Fashion.

Know if that´s the right way of Fashion or not? I don´t know, and i honestly don´t care, i just think we all need to be who we are. If i am an extravagant person, if i love to change, to create new looks, dress differently and think different… I respect me as i am, and i do me! So my advice to all of you is: BE YOURSELF, improve yourself to what you wanna be, and don´t lose time hating others for the originality that they have.

Hope Friday i will be able to bring new content, and once more i am sorry, for the people who waited some new content, for not bringing nothing new this time.

Keep Creative!! Keep Fashionable !!







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