Cold Swag ! 2



Hello World.

Today´s outfit it´s Swag, bit extravagant, mixing black with red !

Cold is a part of Germanys days, so sometimes when you want to use something more swagy, you have to create in a certain way, that you will not be cold. That inspired me for this outfit.


Black Hoody, black bomber and dark red scarf for the top, destroyed jeans, shirt on the waist and white leather sneakers for the bottom.

I love the way the red on the scarf and shirt pop out of the black clothes, giving a badass look, and breaking the monotonic Black & White on the rest. Accessories is typical from me, and in this look, you see a bit of them, in the rings, coffee cup, watch, chains on the jeans and backpack. Like i said in my previous post, details made you unique.


Is a bit extravagante? yes. Not a lot of people can use it? Maybe not. But overall, i think its a beautiful combo, feels nice, comfortable and you look like a badass in this !

Hope you enjoyed it, keep creating, keep Fashionable on the Streets!!

H&M – Hoody / H&M – Bomper jacket / Zara – Scarf / Zara – Jeans / Zara – Flannel Shirt / Filling Pieces – Sneakers / Caylor & sons – Beanie / Diesel – Watch


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