Classic Friday



Hello World.

Today´s day was sunny, cold too but that´s normal here, but sun was shining, perfect to walk around, showing your fashion vision with the world.

I choose Classic today. Not classic as suit, but classic as street style. It is a difference of course, but is not too big, or at least, i don’t see it big. I think Classic is classic with or without a tie on it. Maybe some people call this casual, but its not. Casual, for me, its something simple, that regularly people use in day by day. And this outfit people use with classic taste and when they wanna dress classy.


Staring with a white shirt, pullover and then one overcoat on top, and classic pants and shoes on the bottom.

Feels nice to use, very comfortable and classy. The steel chain on the pants, have the purpose of black a bit the classic, Balmain pullover give the look contrast, and distinguish it.


Overall felt pretty nice, like a gentleman and so, and i hope you like it.

Keep creative, keep fashionable!!

Asos – Hat / Asos – Overcoat / Balmain x H&M – Pullover / Hugo Boss – Shirt / Zara – Pants / Zara – Shoes / Asos – iPad Case / Jean Paul Gaultier – Sunglasses

DP_danielpinheiro Streetfashion

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