Happy New Year !!

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Hello World,

First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR for all of you, Hopefully comes with heath, happiness and success for us all.

So today i Show you bit of my night, how my outfit was, and things like that.

I wear, like you see on the foto, Platforms shoes, destroyed jeans, White Shirt, black vest, laces Bow-tie and Beige overcoat.

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Classic, but not only classic, because for me it´s not an occasion that ask you to use classic. I mean, what is the point of start a new year, not being you? I saw a lot of people using suits, classic things like a gala, but they never dress that all year. So again i ask, what is the point of starting a new year, using something that´s not you?

With this being said, that´s why i used my outfit like this. i´m a Street style lover, extravagant, creative and above all, innovative. Why not use real classic with real urban?

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Of course that is a matter of taste, but for me, worked pretty well.

I loved the outfit, i had good fide backs, and most importantly, i felt like me, unique in my own kind of way.

Of Course with music and liquor, you don’t remain in this form all night, at least not me, so the other images are with my best friends, just having some fun, in a more casual and funny way !

Hope You Enjoyed, and let´s be more fashionable, even more, in 2016 !!

Asks – Overcoat / Zara – Vest / Hugo Boss – Shirt / Asos – Bow-tie / Zara – Jeans / Filipe Sousa – Shoes / Konov – rings / Stührling – Watch

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DP_danielpinheiro StreetStyle



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