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Today i will talk about my influences and inspirations. Lot of people has asked me about those subjects, and i decide to make a post to speak about it.

First of all, my fashion sense is my personality. I can feel inspired in a lot of things, but i’m not that guy, who follow some people, to dress like them. I’m very aware of my fashion sense, and i always dress what i want. But like all of us, we have some figures, who gives us more inspiration and all.


For me ´´Fashion Killers´´are like ASAP ROCKY, KANYE WEST, DAVID GANDY, PHARRELL, DAVID BECKAM, MIGUEL and a few more bloggers that i follow in instagram. From Classic all the way to the Sport, i look into a lot of fashion blogs, bloggers, and also regular people, because inspiration is in the details. Even when you don´t like the look, you might like one or other detail in that look.

Overall when you look at those names, you understand one thing, that i already spoke of, Diversity.


My Favorite, without a doubt, is A$AP Rocky. I just love his diversity, his vision, for me he is like a chameleon, can dress classic, swag, mixed, and look always amazing in all of those different styles. The way that he, and all the others too, bring some trends, develop some new concepts, show his visionary lifestyle, is an inspiration for me.

The others too, of course, those names are for me the most stylish men in the fashion world. But we should not overlook the importance of bloggers, and instagramers, and even ourselves, because we make some difference too.

In the end of the day, we must dress like ourselves, so the fact that, we feel inspired by them, doesn’t mean that we will dress like them.


I can feel inspired in the small things, that’s why i care so much about details. I can see an entire outfit that i don’t like, and even so, take some detail of it and make it fly in my looks. And that’s how my inspiration works, take my vision and add some inspiration to it, and it’s ready to go.

I really love Fashion, and i think we must take care of ourselves everyday. In order to do that, and to feel comfortable and great, we need to be faithful with our own tastes, and don´t be afraid of being who we are.


Hope you like! Keep Creative ! Keep Fashionable !

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