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Hello There!

I´m back finally, no more sickness and pain, and because i failed this week, i´m putting a new post today.

About that, well i brought two items that are very trendy right now, bomber and jeans jacket, and i just put them work together. A basic t-shirt inside, red bomber and the jacket on the top.

This is a good solution for spring, when the weather is just too hot, you just take on jacket off, but its not a very warm outfit, so you will not feel that need in spring.


The bottom with destroyed jeans and sneakers. Here is another part where you can play: Shoes. You can use a lot of shoes in this outfit, red to match the jacket, black or white as the basic colors, more classic, more urban, that will depend on what you want to transmit with your look.

overall i find it a very interesting outfit, good way of playing with clothes, more or less extravagant, that will be your decision, when you pick the color on the bomber, or even the type of sneakers.


I hope you enjoyed it.

Keep creative! Keep fashionable!

Levi´s – Vintage Jeans Jacket / Zara – Bomber jacket / Review – T-shirt / Zara – Jeans / Filling Pieces – Sneakers / Jean Paul Gaultier – Sunglasses


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