Badass Mixed


Hello Guys !

Raining outside, so today i did a ´´home session´´with the outfit that i choose for today.

Casual, a bit of badass look, the perfect look for me, when we talk about casual !


I choose a white skully t-shirt, flannel shirt and destroyed jeans jacket for the top. Now, i love the mix between the flannel shirt and the jacket, good contrasts, and the fact that the jacket is destroyed, give some more badass image to the combo. With this choice, i went to a skully t-shirt, precisely because of what i just said, complete the badass image with a ´´Classy´´Skull !


Bottom, well if you have that destroyed stuff and skull on the top, you go to the destroyed jeans too, pursuing the badass image, once again.

Now of course, i could have used some regular jeans, or something more ´´normal´´, and in that way, i would transform the look into, let me say, some sort of clean.

The rings and chains are already usual, and leather sneakers, because with this weather, better not to use some regular sneakers, otherwise i would have my feet swimming!

Hope you liked, i will come back on Monday. Until then, have a nice weekend!!

Keep Creative, Keep Fashionable !!

Levi´s – Vintage Jacket / Zara – Flannel Shirt / Against the Grain Clothing UK – skully  T-shirt / Zara – Jeans / Filling Pieces – Sneakers / Live Fast Die Young – Cap / Diesel – watch



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