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Hi there!

Wednesday again, and here i am, with another post, bringing to you my outfit choice for today.

My choice for today was this, casual, with a bit of swag in the mix, but a simple choice, perfect to walk around the city and catch some sun, while we have it.


I have on me a long t-shirt, hoody and a flannel shirt for the top, jeans and sneakers for the bottom. The long shirt give to the look a third layer, that we fashionistas love, or at least i love to play with layers in the looks, and the green in the shoes and watch providing the contrast to the all look.


The Shirt on top of the hoody is, one form of having more diversity in the look because, if you use in under the hoody, no matter witch shirt you use, the main image will remain the hoody, and like this no, because the main piece is the shirt, leaving the hoody as a secondary layer. For me results very nice, providing me more diversity for my choices.

And that was my choice, hope you liked it, and let me know what you think !

Keep Creative, Keep Fashionable !!

Zara – Flannel Shirt / H&M – Hoody / Review – Long Shirt / Zara – Jeans / Nike – Air Force 1 / Live Fast Die Young – Snapback / Asos – Sunglasses / Daniel Wellington – Watch


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