Hello there !

Today´s choice was simple and comfortable casual. Long Flannel Shirt with a overcoat on top, and skinny jeans and sneakers on the bottom.

Again, here you go, you can see how diverse is this jacket, and how much different styles he can rock. Long flannel buttoned shirt, and in the case i did not use a scarf, but a black one will match good.


Skinny jeans, i don´t know why, but i just love to use skinny jeans, i think when we have a body that allows that, we should use them. Sneakers or shoes? Well i opted for sneakers, because of the long shirt. Give more harmony, but you can also use it with shoes.


Details as always, in the rings, backpack, and gloves.

Hope you liked it, and that inspired you some kind of way!

Keep creative, Keep Fashionable !

Asos – Overcoat / Asos – Flannel Shirt / MODUS – Skinny Jeans / Vans – Leather Sneakers


DP_danielPinheiro Streetfashion 




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